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Below is the default configuration file located at TinyERPApp/ApplicationConfig/Application.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>



    Application mode: Embed, Plugin 

    If you choose Plugin mode, you must follow the Plugin deployment model



  <!-- The path to plugin folder (use in case app-mode is Plugin). All plugins must be copied to this path, 

  and follow below convention:

   [Plugin Path]/[assembly-name]/[assembly-name.dll]




    <module name="Core module" assembly="TinyERP.Core"/>



    <node id="manage-user" title="User and group" resource-key="MenuUserAndGroup">


        <node id="manage-user" title="Manage user" resource-key="ManageUser" uiclass="TinyERP.Core.View.UserListForm, TinyERP.Core">


        <node id="manage-group" title="Manage group" resource-key="ManageGroup" uiclass="TinyERP.Core.View.UserGroupListForm, TinyERP.Core">






    <!-- Navigator view type: TreeView, OutlookBar-->


    <!-- Default language of application -->



      Default theme of application 



















Let me explain session by one to help you understand about this configuration file.

Application name

This text is showed in the title of your main application form and on the root node of tree view navigator to browse all functions of your application. Please see section navigator view to understand about the navigator mode in TinyERP.

Application mode

TinyERP supports you to develop application in 2 modes: Embed and Plugin.

In case you choose Embed mode, you must include assembly files of other modules into the TinyERPApp when you build. This way help you easily to debug the application.

In case you choose Plugin mode, you do not need to include the assembly files of modules into TinyERPApp. Each time you have a new module, you just need to:
+ Create a sub folder with name same to assembly name in Plugin folder. Example: TinyERP.Core
+ Copy dll file of the module into created sub folder.
+ Update the application.xml config in modules section.
It's easier for you to create a tool for auto update with this mechanism. Auto update tool is one of coming feature of this framework.

Plugin Path


The plugin directory contains all of your modules. Special note: you must make sure the plugin folder has been granted access right to run execution files and we can load dll from there. By default, please create a subfolder inside the TinyERPApp for this purpose.

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